Reconnect| Rejuvenate| Reimagine Life


The Wander Working Experience is about slowing down to be more productive. It's about pausing to reconnect with yourself and others. It's about being present to give appreciation to what’s important to you now. It’s about creating a life you want to live.



What's Included?



Private & shared room(s) w/ shared living space.


One Full Weekend Of Business Development

Work ON your business not in it.


Cultural Immersion

Be like a local. Access to events, trips, food, language and more.

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24hr Coworking Access

All the connectivity one could want and some.

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One Full Weekend Excursion

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."


One Weekend Of Doing Good

Leaving the community better off than when we arrived.

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      Sim Card*

When available be connected on the go with your own phone.


One 2hr Transformational Mindset Coaching Session

Unleash your unlimited potential.


Why Do It?

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Network & Build Community

This might be the most important reason to join The Wander Working Experience. You're not just going on a coworkation you are creating and joining an amazing community full of people who care about the same things you do. People who are using their business and themselves as a force for good. Individuals who know that by taking care of the people and the planet the prosperity will follow.  

Business Development

Business is doing good but can be doing better. You're stuck working 12+ hrs a day worrying where the next client or customer is coming from. How great would it be if your business was more prosperous, ran more efficiently and served your clients better while you put in less hours and dare we say it have fun in the process? Learn and apply strategies that will get you working less, doing more and having fun all at the same time.

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All About Your Mindset

What's you number one goal right now? What's holding you back from reaching that goal? How long has it been just outside of your reach? With our transformational mindset coaches you uncover the unconscious stories and limiting beliefs that are the root cause of what's slowing or stopping you from reaching your goals. These are not cookie cutter sessions. Each session is unique and specific to every individual. 

Amazing Experiences

Horse back riding on the beach in Costa Rica. Elephant riding in Bali. Dancing Tango in the streets of Buenos Aires. From castles to cafes in Lisbon. We are about creating amazing experiences for you. Giving our helping hands to an eco lodge. Find a way to help the community we are living in. Heck if we're lucky we might even taste the elusive rainbow grilled cheese sandwich while watching a sunset. 




Who's This For?

We love everyone and we have a special place in our hearts for those who are using themselves, and their business as a force for good. We're talking about socially & eco conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, professionals and the change-makers. The people who care about the "Triple Bottom Line - People, Planet and Prosperity" and are using their businesses, leadership and skills to create products, services and opportunities to do good in the world. They know the value of taking care of their employees, their community, their vendors, suppliers, & their investors. Treating them all equally. They make sure to cause as little harm to mother nature as possible by using sustainable & eco friendly processes. 

If these values align with who you are and what you stand for we would love to have you be part of our community. 

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Social Entrepreneurs/Enterprises

You've been working hard solving environmental and social challenges day in and day out. You've earned a place to hang out, recharge the batteries, be around like-minded friends who are in the trenches along side you and still be productive. Being surrounded by like-minded friends gives a fresh perspective on old challenges.


Socially Conscious Leaders & Professionals

You're more than just an employee. You're a team player. You don't show up for yourself. You show up for your team and community. You're not in it for a paycheck. You're in it to make a difference. You understand that you have the ability to create massive change in the world by the way you approach business and your personal life. Wander Working is the place to share your passion, hone your skills, experiment with new ideas and build a community.


Socially Conscious Digital Nomads

You're traveling the world creating the life you've always wanted. Meeting new people, immersing yourself in new cultures and making life long friends. You've seen first hand the impact littering, poverty, education, healthy care, human rights, and so much more are effecting these amazing people and places. You stand for more than the status quo you push the boundaries of what is normal and to be expected and do more. You believe all should have the right to live a prosperous life, be free and pursue happiness.

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Impact Adventure Seekers

You feel most alive when you are pushing your physical & mental comfort zones. Hiking in rainforest, biking, surfing the perfect wave, zip-lining through canopy trees, climbing massive cliff walls, diving the worlds best coral reefs, kayaking a river on and on it goes. All of this fills your soul, boosts your energy and puts a smile on your face. Wander Working is your place to experience all of this and more. Each location holds something unique and new for you to experience.


How to Get Started!

We try to make the process as easy as possible in every step. All you need to do is follow three easy steps. Step #1 choose the destination you want to visit. Step #2 fill out an application. We have an application process for a couple reasons. One is we have limited spots available. The other is so that you know and we know we are all a great fit for each other. Step #3 if accepted in to the program prepare you bags because you are going on a COWORKATION!


Step 1: Choose Your Destination

Which wandering is right for you? First wandering is in beautiful, relaxing and adventurous COSTA RICA January 2019.

Step 2: Apply For Your Spot

Space is limited so you'll want to apply today. We review all applications to make sure we create the best experience for all participants. 

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Step 3: Prepare For An Experience Of A Life Time

Get ready and pack your bags cause your going on a COWORKATION my friend!