If your journey is on a different path than Wander Working we want you to know we still love you and want to help in anyway we can. Here you will find some great resources to help you create the life you want. Enjoy!

*we have no affiliation with any of the below resources. We've found these along the way and found them useful.

Reading List:

  • High Performance Habits - Brendon Burchard
  • 15 Commitments To Conscious Leadership - Jim Dethmer
  • Conscious Capitalism - John Mackey
  • Peak Performance - Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness
  • Captivate - Vanessa VanEdwards
  • The Big Leap - Gay Hendricks
  • Firms Of Endearment - Raj Sisodia
  • 1-hr To Six Figures - Steve Napolitan
  • Entrepreneur Rollercoaster - Darren Hardy
  • 4 Hr Work Week - Tim Ferriss
  • Rejection Proof - Jia Jiang
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK - Mark Manson
  • The Untethered Soul - Michael Singer